Sunday, January 15, 2012

Beer #10 - Westmalle Dubbel

I purchased this as part of a gift I put together for someone for Christmas. The concept was to put 4 new beers in his hands, in a style that he likes, but wouldn't likely venture too far from what he knows. Three of the beers purchased were things I had never had either so I bought those three in doubles. This was the first of that group. As usual with Trappist beers, you know they are going to be delicious before you even pry the lid off. These brewers are the brewers of history. They've been making beer in monasteries for centuries and it is generally safe to say, that they've perfected the craft.

That being said, Westmalle's Dubbel did not disappoint. Dark and malty, strong in alcohol but not strong in alcohol taste (it warmed as it went down but didn't taste "hot"). Not a lot of hops here, some nice funk from the yeast but nothing offensive. The friend I arranged the 4 pack for has now had it, and disliked it as it warmed because more of those funky yeast esters come out as the beer warms. I thought it was great and I probably drank it too fast.
This one really needs to be paired with food. It's special and needs to be found paired along side of something that you don't have everyday. I think next Christmas I'll be having one of these with the Prime Rib.

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