Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Beer #13 through #26

#13: Widmer Galaxy Hopped Barleywine
Good, but not great. Got this when in Oregon last July. Nice strong beer, held up over night finished the next day.

#14: Rochefort 8
Another fantastic beer from the Trappists. I really enjoyed this one as much as 10, I look forward to having them side by side sometime this year.

#15: Greenflash Fizzy Yellow Beer (tap)
This is a SD brewed Lager/pils. It was really easy drinking, nice light sessionable beer. This beer plays on the slogan Stone uses against Bud/Miller/Coors.

#16: Brouwery Bockor CuvĂ©e des Jacobins Rouge (tap)
Glorious on tap sour beer from Belgium. I thought it was just sour enough and had a very strong malt, almost cherry/red backbone. I am so excited one my distributors for OTM sells this beer and I'll get to have it again soon.

#17: Port Brewing F.N.G. (tap at Lost Abbey)
Everyone can guess the F, the N and G are for New Guy. I am sure there is a good story here. The beer was great, just an everyday semi-hoppy American Pale. Nothing extravagant.

#18: Bootlegger's Knuckle Sandwich (tap)
This gives Hellhound an even further run for its money. Really good Double IPA. So smooth, no heat from the alcohol just malty hoppy goodness. Could have had another 2 or three but moved on to other things.

#19: Port Brewing Slap and Tickle (growler)
Advertised as Pale on the bar wall, this is a massive IPA. So hoppy on the aroma. Very good beer. Had another glass after the growler had been opened a day and it was much more approachable in aroma.

#20: Port Brewing High Tide IPA
This is Port's Fresh Hop IPA. One of the distrubitors recently got this beer and so we brought it into Old Town Market. Really good. Better than Mongo (their other IPA). The only thing that caught me off guard is there was this weird Rubbing Alcohol taste just briefly on the palette after it had been opened. It went away, but still I probably wont be buying a ton of this given that off flavor.

#21: Kern River Winter Ale
A excellent Rye Ale. No heavy handed hops here. Just good balanced malt and lots of smoothness from the Rye. Not a lot of spice. This is another winner from Kern, and I look forward to having the other one stashed in my fridge.

#22: New Belgium Dig
Dad and I split a six pack of this new Season from New Belgium while cooking for a bunch of cowboys while they were branding. Definitely an American Style Pale Ale with some very earthy hops that tie the name of the beer to the flavor of the beer.

#23: Weihenstphaner Vitus
Weizenbock brewed in Germany. I had this after beer tasting Friday night. So the taste is a little clouded by everything else that was happening with my tastebuds Friday. As I recall, this beer was fantastic. I look forward to having it again.

#24: St. Bernardus Abt 12
Another great Belgian beer. Solid malt flavors and light hops. Lots of Alcohol and lots of flavor.

#25: Kern River's 5th Anniversary.
This is the best Double IPA of the year thus far. Knuckle Sandwich, as delicious as it was and Hellhound with all it's lemony uniqueness has nothing on the elegance that this beer presents to the drinker. What a wonderful combination of sweet and hop. I have a hard time believing, even the most avid hop hater, would not enjoy this beer. Fantastic. Glad their is one more to share with Ron.

#26: Samuel Adams Alpine Spring
New seasonal release from Sam Adams. No complaints. Another remarkably fresh lager from Sam Adams

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