Sunday, January 15, 2012

Beer #12 - Rogue Chocolate Stout

A little twist on the pattern so far. Beer number 12 comes out of the beer tasting I hosted at Old Town Market on Friday night. I am pretty confident it was the only beer that was new to me at this Tasting, as I have had quite a few of Rogue's beers over the years.

This one, I actually really enjoyed. It was very comparable to a beer I had earlier in the week that I was hoping to blog about but realized later that I had enjoyed one in the past, so I don't get to write about it. The other beer was Oak Aged Yeti from Great Divide. The two beers shared one thing. Chocolate. There was a lot of chocolate on the nose and front of the palate for both of these beers. Really the kind of beer that needs to be paired with something that goes great with chocolate, not necesarrly paired with chocolate. When Trevor and I opened the Yeti we paired with chocolate bock brownies and it almost ruined the beer for me. All the delicious sweetness and chocolate flavors almost disappeared when paired next to the very sweet brownie. So as I tasted Rogue's stout throughout the night the more clear it became that this needs to go with something that compliments chocolate. So as soon as I can get a fresh case back at OTM I plan to really start to think about what this needs to go with. I am thinking roasted Marshmallows and graham crackers would be just about perfect.

I forgot to take a picture today so I'll just hijack one from someone else's blog.

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